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    PCLOS is failure when it come to supporting mobile broadband. I had a huawei ec325 modem which cannot be configured in PCLOS. I posted it in PCLOS official forums. I was not able to solve the problem. I regret my decison to switch to PCLOS. That decision was not a wise one. as my USBmodem worked flawlessly in ubuntu, linux mint and fedora.
    if there is a hardware failure with the distro it can be kicked out. now i use ubuntu. i am not blaming any distro by this. i just want my devices to work in a distro.no matter which name it is. for the time being it works well in ubuntu. So naturally Ubuntu is my choice. i hopped back to ubuntu

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      After seeing this same posting on every blng entry I found about PCLinuxOS, I have to say it sounds like an Ubuntu fanboy who just wants to give PCLinuxOS a bad name.

      Sorry you weren’t smart enough to test out your modem in the live CD before installing. “dalfish”, but hey. PCLinuxOS can’t help you with *that* little problem.

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    of course pclinuxos is stable why? because its always 2 steps behind, in this day and age where we have kde 4 they still choose to release their distro with kde 3.5, i think however that they have a kde4 release on the horizon

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    Re the background, I almost always set mine to plain black (or to a very dark shade of some color when I am feeling “decorative” 😉 to see the icons and windows more easily. I hate glare and clutter on the background, so just my quirkiness I guess …

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      Like they say, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

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    PCLinuxOS is simply AWESOME… I have been using Ubuntu for sometime… but to tell you guys the truth PCLOS has won my heart with its user friendly desktop.


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