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    I agree with Mark T. But it can be a good idea to wait to 15 january. Then the real Pardus 2009.1 will be released:

    25 Dec – Beta
    8 Jan – RC
    15 Jan – Release

    If I want a easy install and user friendly linux dist it are Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Pardus for me.

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      The knock on Pardus is that there is no 64-bit version yet.

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        I just had an email exchange with Onur Küçük, who I believe is the lead dev of Pardus, and here is what he had to say about the status of the 64-bit version of Pardus:

        Currently the 2XXX series is 32bit only. Work is going on the 64-bit version and a developer preview ISO will be made public soon. Probably the end user version will be made public towards middle of 2010.

        And here is what he had to say about the current version of Pardus:

        … the current version is 32-bit but we have kernel-pae series in our repos too, so we are not limited to 4GB memory limit.

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    Mark T

    I just started using Pardus with the 2009.1 beta released in late December. So far it has worked nearly flawlessly. Install was easy. Nearly everything works out of the box.

    The upgrade to 2009.1 RC1 was flawless and didn’t even require a reboot.

    The repos are gradually filling up (152 games now) Networking runs fine for me except my hidden router which it can’t login to. I need to reenter my password, and try again. My public router (for everyone else in the house) connects fine.

    I still like Ubu though as it is the easiest and most reliable install for my broad array of computers. Mandria has improved. Fedora NEVER seems to install right for me, nor does Debian.

    Pardus is the closest in ease of install to Ubuntu I hae found so far.

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    Pardus 2009.1 coming soon:
    “Pardus 2009.1 will be introduced during the CeBITexhibition in Istanbul on 7-11 October.”
    I guess som of the issues here are fixed then.

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      By 7-11, you mean October 7-11, 2009.

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    thanks tubitak pardus team for this reliable and stable distro.i am pretty sure, mark my words here that it will be racing with ubuntu, fedora in a couple of years.keep up good work.but the only request from visual team developers:pls get rid of these cartoon based logos of kaptan pisi etc..on system windows, believe me it will be prestigious with new bussiness-style logo pictures

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      more, 64 bit and gnome versions are looked forward to.as for me,if pardus gnome comes i will quit ubuntu at that mo.

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    not complain about pardus
    hmmmm my hardware is working out of the box, i dont encounter problems of use.
    Ubuntu broken 2 disk (Sata) when i burning disk, i hate it really, i changed because of it.. and intel drivers ..
    I get Pwned by Ubuntu …. xD
    64 bit is in development.


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