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    I use two distribution of Linux, Parsix and Ubuntu.
    Parsix has so mush usable for me, because it install any package that i need by default. (like GStreams codec)
    Please release Parsix 4.0 as soon as possible! MUST WANTED!

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    Firsty I’m a Parsix user for 2years.
    This is taken from the Parsix home page (Our annual release cycle consists of two major and four minor versions.) Parsix 3 was released (Oct 15, 2009) The minor versions consist of all the updates 3.0r1 to (Dec 20, 2009), 3.0r2 (Feb 07, 2010). This in my mind saves Joe public from installing Parsix mid term and then doing a 500mb update, That to me makes sense download Mint download Ubuntu 9.10 then update you will then see the logic. Parsix is based on Debian testing so v3.0 was based loosely on lenny testing +?. The next version is based on Squeeze testing + and hopefully be released late March. But if you did your research you would already know this?. You can not do a just revue of something that is near relacement and find fault like you have. The Parsix theme is its own Theme coming from Irainian roots it is based on their ideals and is one of the best dark themes available its very usable. The installer is very logical I’m dyslexic and the 1st time I used it found it very simple, the Ubuntu installer with all its bling also confuses lots of people see their forums. As for home partition that is a matter of choice it is optional? I prefer a single partition (the biggest operating system on the planet only uses one partition and only recently started using a boot partition). Parsix is not perfect it does not claim to be! It gives a good balance of stability and ease of use. I also use Arch Linux by the way so do know cutting edge and its problems well in advance.
    That is my opinion for what its worth.

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    This is the most pathetic review I have seen in 4 years.
    parsix is simple to install is very stable when I insert a cd it mounts and opens sound-juicer starts up, insert DVD and VLC starts up. It support all my hardware. Parsix as does Debian/ Sidux complies with free software under Debian.
    People like should mention these things in your biased reviews.

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      What version of Parsix are you referring to?

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    I have used earlier versions of parsix and the installer was even worst. Many time detroyed my windows partition and had no no way to configure /home.
    It has potential but it’s true, the installer sucks.

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    Parsix is one of the few distros that correctly identifies and activates my Broadcom wireless card without intervention and my Brother wireless printer is detected without problem.

    DVDs, MP3s, and Flash all work out of the box….. something not true of most the major distributions.

    Yes, the installer could be better but it works for me on all my machines.


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