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Jolicloud 1.1 review

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jolicloudJolicloud 1.1 is the latest stable release of Jolicloud, the cloud-based, Ubuntu-based distribution. Other than being a cloud-based distribution, the most distinctive feature of Jolicloud is the netbook-optimzed interface, which is one of five netbook-optimized interfaces available on Linux and BSD distributions.

Reviewing Jolicloud amounts to no more than telling you what types of applications are available on the service. However, before we get to that, here is something to keep in mind, that is, if you were not aware of it already: Using a cloud-based distribution is, in a sense, worse than using a Microsoft Windows operating system. You bought a computer, and handed control of it to a third party. That is my take on it. An excerpt from Jolicloud’s Terms of Services to ponder:

You hereby grant to Jolicloud a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license to: (i) reproduce, modify and publish any Content that you use; and (ii) distribute and/or display through the Jolicloud Software any Content that You provide or make available using the Jolicloud Software for the sole purposes of making the Jolicloud Software available to You.

Jolicloud reserves the right (but shall have no obligation) to decide whether any Content that You use complies with these ToS and any additional terms. Jolicloud may in its sole discretion remove such Content and/or terminate these ToS and Your account if You use any Content that is in breach of these ToS and/or any additional terms at any time and without prior notice to You.


You agree not to do any of the following while using the Site, Content or Jolicloud Services:

  • use Jolicloud Services to download any material sent by another user of Jolicloud Services that you know, or reasonably should know, cannot be legally distributed in such manner,
  • use Jolicloud Services in a manner that results in excessive bandwidth. Jolicloud reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether and what action to take in response to any excess bandwidth usage.

How each person reads and responds to their Terms of Services is a matter of choice. You should at least be aware.

Now, let us see what Jolicloud 1.1 has to offer.

The installation is pretty basic (it is the same used by older Ubuntu releases). The most “advanced’ option it offers is the choice of GRUB’s location.

This the login screen. It is just like any other.

Except that once you are logged in, you must then authenticate to Jolicloud before you can use your computer. You may login with your Jolicloud account or with your Facebook account.

And if you do not have an account, just create one, else you cannot use the Jolicoud service, or your computer.

Once you are signed in, you must then tell Jolicloud everything about your computer.

I am reading page: 1 2 3 4

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  1. Koowie says:

    I like to try it. Thanks for the review.

  2. jackie says:

    I agree with Wayne. This is not much of a review.

  3. Juan Lakad says:

    Pretty funny, seemed more like a bashing. Wonder how many other sites and manufactures have the same language in their EULAs? I have tried both Jolicloud 1.1 and Ubuntu 10.10 but on different machines. I’m really impressed with the boot speed of Ubuntu. Now to be far I have to try Ubuntu 10.10 on a netbook.

  4. Abe says:

    I built a USB, booted fine on HP laptop. But I have no Face Book account and I am not willing to create an account on their service just yet. ToS was a show stopper for me too.

    Other than that, it is a beautiful good system and has potential with those who are willing to use a service on a cloud. Not for me, I prefer KDE Plasma Netbook and I hope they create nice graphics similar to Jolicloud.

  5. Wayne says:

    That’s NOT a review. It is an article with pictures of the OS. A review by definition should explain what it’s like to use it, opinions about it, whether you might want to use it, etc.
    I can’t stand when people label something as a review and it is not one at all.

  6. MK says:

    Very informative review. Thanks.
    I was going to try Jolicloud, but their ToS was a real show stopper.

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