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Top 10 upcoming Android tablets

Contrary to popular belief, the iPad 2 isn’t the only tablet computer in the world. Yes, it is rather wonderful, and the game support is staggering, but there are still some niggling issues that take the shine off the supremely shiny device.

Consider the bizarre lack of Flash support, which creates a distinctly web 1.0 browsing experience, or the upscaled iPhone interface that leaves you with a work area like a cluttered PC desktop – filled with endless shortcuts and a general sense of disordered chaos. Meanwhile, Google’s Honeycomb OS is so streamlined, stylish, and user friendly it makes Tom Cruise’s office in Minority Report look out of date.

Unlike iOS 4 used by the iPad, Honeycomb was built exclusively for tablets and its retro-futurist chic can turn the eye of even the most ardent Apple addict. Plus, Google has already unveiled its next ‘universal’ OS, offering an Ice Cream Sandwich that will help Android users chill out this summer with new features like face-tracking and voice activated camera controls for both phones and tablets.

Basically, there’s no better time to join the Android brotherhood by snapping-up a state-of-the-art tab. So, for this round-up, Pocket Gamer’s picked ten of the very sweetest Honeycomb-flavoured designs heading your way this year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch (due June/July) Continue reading…

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