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    @Pia – Thanks for the tip, I tried tit online, it worked!

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    Another review of Sabayon 6.0 KDE for those who is interested:


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    A rather cavalier blowing-off of XBMC working on this distro, I would say. Especially considering that the initial update to the system after installing results in XMBC working just fine.

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    I downloaded the 64 bit ked iso. On my Linux box with a 2 year old pretty good ATI video board, it will neither boot, nor install, not even in either safe or text mode. It does work fine booting my Windows box with a 2 year old nVidia board. Thus, to me my favorite distro, is now dead. I can find no solution. Do you know of any?

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      Did you tried the 32-bit ISO?

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      No, your favorite distro is not dead – it is only getting better! OK, they have a small installer problem this time with some machines but underneath that is a treasure. The package manager is superb and the system very stable. Try this: Be online. Prior to hitting the installation icon, open a terminal and type “sudo liveinst-update-quick” and let it run. Now install normally.

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        Thanks for your attempt to help. However, booting to the console just gave a black screen. This just does not work with Radon HD 4600 series video board, making it a total deal breaker.

        However, I reinstalled Sabayon 5.5 and updated it, which should give version 6, and it works fine, except it still had the old kernel. So I manually upgraded to the Sabayon version of .39 kernel, and discovered that I get only a black screen, even in recovery mode. It will boot, however if I choose the .39 kernel. So the issue is in the kernel version of Sabayon 6, a rather serious problem, in my view.



          This is one of the reasons the team should release at least one Release Candidate for testing. You may want to pass your concerns to Sabayon’s dev team. Hope they respond without telling you that their’s is a rolling distro.

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