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    Adam Miller

    Hey, just thought I’d point out that there has been an announcement in respect to the btrfs defaults situation:

    The btrfs devs are hard at work and lots of good stuff is going on but they felt that its not quite ready for prime time.

    Happy hacking,

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    Adam Williamson

    seems I may be wrong on GPT labels, dcantrell said it was ‘suspicious’ in the thread I referenced, but the anaconda changes page seems to list it as a feature indeed:

    “x86 uses GPT disklabels by default on all machines, even non-EFI.”

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      I actually did not think it was a bug.

      The bug is that creating partitions manually still defaults to the MBR scheme.

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    Adam Williamson

    btrfs by default has been delayed to F17:

    the use of GPT is not actually intended, it’s a bug. GPT should be used only when it’s actually required – when you’re using an EFI-based system, or when a disk is larger than 2TB in size (I believe that’s the cutoff). Use of GPT on smaller disks is a bug that’s been noted by a few others but hasn’t been pinned down yet: see this thread – .

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    David Dreggors

    I guess reading *all* of the article helps…

    “and as I discovered, btrfs is not even in the picture, for now”

    oops, I missed that line in my first read but thanks for sharing what you have found.

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    David Dreggors

    I am a bit confused, you said that you installed the Fedora 16 pre-alpha to see what the partitioning would be like with btrfs…

    “I downloaded a pre-Alpha image just to see what the new partitioning scheme will be on Anaconda, the Fedora system installation program, with btrfs.”

    Yet you go on to show screen shots of the installer using the normal ext4 file systems with standard LVM.

    Where is the btrfs with built in volume management?


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