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    parsix rocks, as said before it is not easy for a moron to install, but if your smarter than the average toddler…you wont have a problem…

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    If you think this installer is difficult, you can’t have installed many distros! Almost any installation is going to involve partitioning. Parsix has excellent documentation, and if you are installing from a live disk you can always look for help on-line. Since the last century, I’ve tested 51 distros, and I’d only recommend a dozen: Parsix is one of them.

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    I love Parsix.1st is based on Debian and second easy to use and stable packages makes parsix rocksss!

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    Thank you for the review of Parsix 3.7 raul you raised some interesting points in the review.1st the installer I do not think its high on the devs list it works and works very well I find it much easier to use than the all bells and fail ubuntu/mint installer that really only wants you to shrink your windows partition, Once installed you never need it again Ive used Parsix for going on 4 years and upgrading is as Debian because Parsix is based on on Debian. No you do not get all the latest unstable software instead you get the latest Debian stable software that does work there is a world of difference, as I also use Arch Linux which uses the latest stable software that does not always work. So that makes Parsix easy to use very stable and very fast. I fact its more than stable. I let children bash the daylights out of it and it still stays rock stable after 4 years how many distros can claim that sort of usage? Salix is the only other distro that comes close to Parsix in my book


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