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    here is how to delate certificates fro Windows but not from firefox

    below how to delate from firefox

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    You need to delate cert8.db and key3.db , but in special way. Because if you delate them normally , they will reappear.
    So create by using notepad new files and name them: cert8.db and key3.db and change these new files with old.

    Your firefox will be without any certificate, but a problem is that firefox doesn’t want to work with these changed cert8.db and key3.db

    So you can not run web browser ( firefox).

    I think that firefox check these to files before start but if someone know how to fix and run firefox with these changed files, it would be great.

    Anyway maybe someone has working cert8.db and key3.db files without certificates , so please send me a link.

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    My certificate just keeps coming back too… it’s driving me mad.

    Does anyone know a way of getting rid of it forever? Or is change of browser the only option?

    I’d miss Firefox so!

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    It is no useless to delete that certificate for one simple reason: if another one is presented and the user is not paying enough attention or is not aware, he can be tricked and click accept – bam ! There it is again.

    What you have to do is to revocate the trustfulness of the DigiNotar certificates, but since there are several indentifying DigiNotar (and Comodo) it is better to actually apply the Firefox fix, which will dump all the known certificates already revocated.

    If you still want to act manually, instead of deleting, click edit and uncheck the 3 trust boxes.

    Now, bear in mind that this is *NOT* a Firefox only issue. Every application that does SSL will use certificates and it is much more practical for these “other” applications to use the underlying SSL provided by the operating system. That said, besides Firefox, Komodo, Thunderbird would also suffer without a fix.

    SO, look also for a fix issued by your Linux distro.

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    It doesnt help to remove the Diginotar certificate. It keeps reappearing!

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    I don’t see Diginotar on the list.

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    If I have admin privileges on my system, how do I delete the cert from the entire system for _all_ users (current and future)?

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    Thanks,this was very helpful.


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