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    It looks like you’ve lost default icons of Pear OS

    If you want to set it to default pretty icons set type in terminal:

    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme FaenzaMac

    if gsettings not installed type in terminal:

    sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-bin

    have fun …always!

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    One thing that I don’t think many people realize in that the user interface (windows manager) that comes with any Linux distribution can be changed. There are tons of window managers available. Some do mimick the appearance of other operating systems, but there are a lot of ones that don’t (window maker, blackbox, any tiling window manager, etc…). Personally I use stumpwm, blackbox, fvwm, or enlightnment on whatever distribution of Linux I’m using.

    That’s the great thing about Linux and BSD: tons of choices. Even in Windows XP though, (not sure about anything more recent (Vista, 7, 8), haven’t tried), you can change the user interface.

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    That’s why i love UBUNTU, they are the only distro who’s in the really task of making an original desktop.

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    Linux is far better than OSX. But still, it’s gnome shell with docky…

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      I’m sure you will agree with me that GNOME Shell with Docky is far better than GNOME 3 and GNOME + MGSE.

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    When I install programs they are in French. I have removed the French laugage packs. Any other ideas?

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      This appears to be a continuing bug in PearOS (all versions) and is the only reason I don’t use it. I haven’t yet found a way to weed out French – but then maybe they made that way deliberately? 😉 In other words, Think Totally Different, Think in French.

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    What is the point of having a Mac OSX-like desktop? Why not buy the real deal? This is what I don’t like about Linux distros, if it does not look like Windows, it looks like Mac. We’re always copying, no originality and bashing each other (distro vs distro).

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      Some may like the look but want the freedom or price of Linux.

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      John Ward

      For people easier to use ready-made solutions than reinventing the wheel. Also easier to focus on the debugging of the product, than to invent a new design.


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