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    We have Linpus Lite 1.4 installed on an Acer eMachines ER1401. It came with the machine, and we have only kept it to remind ourselves (and show others) how truly awful a Linux distribution can become if done wrong.
    1.6 may be better, but beware…. 1.4 did not have any useful response from the Linpus Update utility in June 2011 when the box was bought.
    So 1.6 may go dead on you soon..?
    Without any kind of working update or package repository you are back to compiling from source, if the tool-chain works properly. Ours did not. So…. Stuffed!
    Play some music, maybe? Nope. No MP3 codec, it seems. Aha! I’ll play my FLAC collection! Nope, same problem.
    After a few beers it’s a pretty good game, discovering what Linpus can NOT do! But it gets old soon.
    1.6 may be a vast improvement, but I somehow doubt it.
    We now have Bodhi Linux 1.3.0 installed, a rolling dist-upgrade from Bodhi 1.1.0 last summer. It’s very light (82MB RAM used after bootup to compositing desktop), very smart, and stunningly reliable, which was a pleasant surprise. Linpus is for laughs, in this household.

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    Anything made near or around China, I would not install. Something will spying on you….

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      You gotta be kidding, right?

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      It si not made in China but in Taiwan and most Taiwanese don’t consider themselves Chinese.

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      So you are not using google, right?

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    I have tried to install this piece of s… on a couple of computers and the installer ends anfter destroying my partitions with a cryptic error.
    Don’t even try Linpus 1.6, is not worth the cost of a CD.

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      I’ve tried Linpus 1.6 and managed without any issues (dual-boot with Win7) but because there’s no option for a LiveCD preview, you need to jump into the installation directly. This is mostly Ubuntu style but with some mods and could possibly confuse beginners but should not be a problem if you know a little bit about partitioning. The best feature of Linpus? A BIG Calendar and Weather widgets right on the Desktop at the click of one button. Marvellous. I wish other distros could implement this feature. Linpus comes with the bare minimum but you can download some extra apps. Overall not a very exciting distro but, wow that Calendar widget (attached to Evolution of course)

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