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Pear Linux Comice OS 4 review

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Other than the listed applications above, you will also find the standard GNOME desktop accessories and system utilities. While there are no games installed, there are dozens available for installation in the repository. Upgrade and installation of applications could be achieved from the command line via the apt-get command, or from a graphical interface borrowed from Deepin Linux, another desktop distribution also based on Ubuntu Desktop.

This is the main view of Pear Appstore, Comice OS’s graphical package manager.
Pear Linux Comice OS 4 Software Center

Lower section of the same view as above.
Pear Linux Comice OS 4 Software Center

Pear Appstore showing updates available for installation.
Pear Linux Comice OS 4 Software Center Repo

By default, the system is configured to check for updates daily, display security updates as soon as they are available and other updates weekly. While security updates are very important, I think that being notified about other updates is important, too. At least that is the way I see it.

While this latest release of Comice OS is much better than the first edition released, there are still problem areas, Though the localization issue that dogged the previous release has been fixed, response to insertion of removable media, or lack of it, is an annoyance. Another minor issues, is that System Settings, the hub for graphical management applications, is not accessible from the user activity indicator. Luckily, you can access it from the Dock.

Comice OS 4 is not a distribution I intend for use on any computer other than my test systems, if you are looking for a user-friendly distribution that uses the GNOME 3 desktop, it is worth a try. I place it in the same category as Deepin Linux and KahelOS.

Resources: You may download an installation image of the 32- and 64-bit editions of Comice OS 4 here. Support questions may be posted on the project’s forum.

Screen Shots: Just one more screen shot from a test installation of Comice OS 4.

This is what the Update window of Pear Appstore look like when the system is up to date.
Pear Linux Comice OS 4 Appstore Updated

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  1. Daemon says:

    Me dieron una idea de como corren los programas de Java en otro sistema operativo y como se verían en un mac.

  2. marlor says:

    Looked at the screenshots and was very impressed with the look of the desktop – like the bottom launcher. I downloaded the 64 bit version and installed it on my second system. The OS crashed 3 times and had to reinstalled. The forth time around I installed Remastersys and made a backup – just in case another crash. This time it did not.

    I am very much pleased with the way it looks after installing. Did not have to adjust the upper header font so I could read it like I had to with Ubuntu 12.04. This is a major plus for Pear Os. Another plus for Pear OS is that it is not laced with many programs very lite by the way which is a good thing. You install what you want and can select what want in a browser.

    Since Libreoffice is not installed it is much easier to install Apache Openoffice 3.4 without having to look, find and remove all Libreoffice’s files. This is a real time saver.

    On the downside, Pear OS seems to take longer loading the system upon booting than Ubuntu but this is not a major problem. Something a person could live with for a better desktop.

    So far I actually like Pear OS better than Ubuntu 12.04 due to the fact that I can feel more freely in using Pear without having to worry about spyware which Ubuntu is starting to incorporate into their operating system. Ubuntu is losing my trust and how many others?

    I think Pear OS will surpass Ubuntu and Linux Mint in popularity and become the next major player.

  3. It´s look very nice also the major applications I used a lot. I will give a try. It´s very similar to mac

  4. Dennis Jane says:

    A little bit buggy, Desktop Crisp Clean and fresh, GUI works fine for me,simple but Adiquate, Unlike some others. I wish these distro’s would use media players that actually work though and have stop buttons,instead of making us search through endless repositories looking for and then having to test for suitable replacements.
    Also fed up with having to take out firefox and replace it
    with the superior and much more secure Opera or Chromium, which both look so much better too and one of which should
    ,in my opinion, be the default browser.
    Overal, though, a reasonable start that with a Long term
    support version, the bugs fixed and the right default Application set could, very possibly, have a pomising future.

  5. Ancient Mariner says:

    Been using it for a couple of weeks as a main system. It is to OSX users what KDE is to Windows users – an easy staging post into the world of linux. I don’t get the feeling that it is intended for the power user who demands lightning fast responses and wants to drive everything from the command line. Instead it’s a very easy, practical and friendly version of Gnome 3 that has been reliable thus far.

    FWIW Pear 3 worked fine too, for the couple of weeks I had it on evaluation.

  6. Wizard says:

    It is an interesting project and hopefully will appeal to more people once the next release is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

    However, there is another interesting distro that is based on GNOME 3. Luninux OS 11.11 is currently based on Ubuntu 11.10. I find it more stable and it works out of the box with the Broadcom wifi drivers, such as the 4321 that was frequently found in HP notebooks around 3-4 years ago. So, no compiling the STA drivers, etc. Would love to see you give it a try. Cheers!

  7. themainliner says:

    Pear has nothing to offer. It’s Gnome 3 Shell with an light airy wallpaper. Gnome 3 Shell is unusuable. If Pear want to implement Gnome 3 tech and deliver a desktop then they’regoing to have to use Cinnamon. This release is devoid of usability.

  8. Diegus says:

    Looks pretty nice!!! Will give a try!

  9. business says:

    I learned something newhere now I’m good for now. Cheers!

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