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    Have been using it for a few months despite a few teething problems with the package manager and the lack of synaptic I think it’s the best distro out there.

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    Installed it on my desktop. It is much better kde integrated though Rosa have better icon theme. Anyway it is stable and run without any problems.

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    Ken Dray

    Installed on my sony laptop from 2007 and runs brilliantly. Stable and fast.

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    After using Mageia2 for 23 days it is just far too unstable to be of any use to me. Did all the updates but still no sound on headphones, rebooted several times to use other superior OSs and have been able to login on reboot until today. Rebooted to use another OS today and on returning to Mageia2 I am presented with a .js error on trying to log-in. Safe mode only give a black screen and reboots over and over like something Windows would do. Not done any updates or made any changes that would have caused this so it seems Mageia2 is a self-modifying program (virus).

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    i’m using Mageia 2. Runs well and is rock solid. Very easy to install and configure …

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    Mageia 1 was a very good and stable distro. Mageia 2 lifted the plank even higher.

    My view on Mageia 2 KDE:

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    Mageia 2 is really stable and well-thought-of distro… i’m using gnome-shell and it’s very stable.

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    I actually like Mageia2 apart from the really annoying fact that no one can help me to get sound working with headphones with Intel HDA driver, and I cannot minimise the bottom panel in KDE. Any idea would be welcomed.

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      Has the headphone worked with other distros?

      By “minimise the bottom panel in KDE,” do you mean adjust the size?

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        Minimise Panel has been solved by an article posted on this site. It’s not as obvious in Mageia as most distros as to how to achieve it.

        Sound on headphones works in well over 100 other distros, including Mandriva and ROSA.

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    When installing when the choice of desktop is asked choose CUSTOM which is the selection on the Right, then you can select KDE LXDE E17 GNOME3 Gnome that everyone likes, and more. You can then access at Login which desktop you want to use, and each remembers the documents and files you have. You can select which desktop at the little notepad icon at the login screen.


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