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    Pastal colors seem to the future for desktop these days :S

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    Bernard Victor

    I was using Cinnamon 1.4 with Mint 13, but messed up my installation. So I thought i would try some KDE based distros. I tried Kubuntu,Mageia Mint KDE14 and Open Suse, but all of these distros, kept locking up my machine after some use, for no obvious reason, I’ve there fore gone back to Mint 13 with Cinnamon 1.6 , and so far have found it stable and no locking up. I like all the customisation with KDE but I prefer a machine that I do not have to keep re-booting every time it locks up.

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    Scout, the same can be said for ALL DE’s. Windows, Mac, Linux, GEOS, etc….every DE ALWAYS has room for improvement. KDE seems to be closing the memory leaks and improving performance as they tweak the code; make things more efficient, etc….

    I look forward to seeing Cinnamon a few more releases down the road. As it is now, I think it has too many rough edges; jittery window movement on desktop, minimal effects, limited panel mod availability, minimal config options, etc…still, I am pleased with the general direction of Cinnamon. I just think KDE is a more pleasant environment for my needs at this time.


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    Eddy Tor

    “But it provides, I hope, enough information to let you see, if you have not used it, what tit brings to the table.”

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    My favorite feature is the Applet that collects notifications … I do backup stuff and the notifications tell me when it’s finished … now I never ever miss one again :)

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    Nemo is NOT in Fedora 17. The package maintainer for cinnamon in Fedora said he has no plans to release it for F17, but is instead planning on releasing in F18. So cinnamon 1.6 in F17 is still janky nautilus.

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    The problem with Linux desktop environments is that all of them have nice features, but also all of them have annoying “misfeatures”.

    The developers can’t decide, and I have half-baked desktop for 15 years now, and counting 😐

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    While Cinnamon has improved, I still find the interface is not as good as that of Gnome 2. The main menu is pretty good, tho I found it a little hard to navigate due to the mouse over jitters. Also, I found the desktop effects to be very limited and it doesn’t take advantage of my video card capabilities at all. Perhaps, in 1.8 or 2.0 it will be more up to snuff. For me, KDE and XFCE are better integrated, consistent and generally work better. E17 is also interesting, but the metaphor takes some getting used to.


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