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    webdesign London

    I haven’t try that pear yet but I’m willing to try.

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    Also the Web Browser was (as I understand it) created in ZorinOS!
    I was deeply disappointed with 6 compared to 4 – as with 5, no decent Office Suite (LibreOffice). When I installed the 32-bit I got a broken desktop that was all blue. 64-bit fared better but I could not alter the settings for brightness and password (screensaver and password lock) – and did not get a response to my broken install post on the forum!

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      I still have my test installation running, so I’ll take a look at the issues you had r are having

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    So based on everyone slamming Pear, I go and have a look at Luna. Here’s what I find:

    “elementary OS Luna is undergoing development. It’s near a beta release, but isn’t quite there yet. In the meantime, we ask for your patience as we finish this release and get it pushed out. Jupiter has served us well over the last year and a half, but its age is showing. As such, we don’t recommend downloading it.”

    So I can’t download Luna, and the developers themselves recommend I don’t download Jupiter. But all these posts here are ripping on Pear.

    Does anyone but me find that ironic?

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    This is a distro for people that like Luna OS but for some strange reason don’t install Luna? I am really tired of all these respins that are essentially wholesale lifts of other established respins.. Stop wasting your time and resources on stuff like this.

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    I noticed that they took and renamed Ubuntu Tweak to Pear Linux Tweak. The overlaying scroll bars are easy to use. A person just has to unlearn a few things then after you do they are not annoying. This distro needs some original work done.

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    Maybe measure your words better.
    There are other desktops based on GNOME 3 out there that you didn’t mention. There’s that distro from Indonesia, another one from Spain, I think and surely at least a couple more I don’t remember.
    Maybe a careful search on Distrowatch will reveal some, but maybe not all.

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    Neil Johnson

    This is clearly Pantheon with a slightly more attractive sling-shot launcher. Nice work though!

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    Guitar Picker

    Other good Gnome3 Ubuntu derivatives worth looking at are Deepin Linux and Pinguy. They both do a good job of fixing up gnome 3 into something useable.

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      Have not looked at Pinguy yet, but you can find articles on Linux Deepin here.

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    akbar the younger

    a little biased

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    The Pear Tweak tool didn’t enable the window buttons to be moved from left (default) to right when I asked it. It seems to be anchored left – even after save. The overlay scrollbar is annoying, while the left top and left-bottom hotspots kept getting in the way when I was working. I appreciate the concept for both of them, but I think I still prefer separate windows/workspaces as defined in Compiz, which are locked into your menu bar. Otherwise, a pretty cool looking release.

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    Jesse Brandao

    It’s not a gnome-shell adaptation, it’s a pantheon-shell adaptation. Most, nearly all, of the work behind this shell was done by the elementary OS team, who are currently building Luna OS.

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      he has a point. and its not so much an adaptation as an almost wholesale lift. Seriously, the only thing they didnt take from elementary UI wise is Slingshot. The reason you had instabilities is because Luna is still in development (not even beta yet… this is not a distro for production machines)

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        Eduard Gotwig

        They even used Slingshot from The elementary Project, but in an older version with old concepts.

        BTW. – What is this for an article??? NO reference to elementary? Seriously, this is crappy….

        Have a nice weekend.



          Did you even bother to read the other comments before posting yours?


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