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    “I think that’s just being lazy on their part.”

    You clearly don’t understand engineering, security, or usability. Why spend huge amounts of time CORRECTLY implementing secure authentication when you can get it for free from another secure provider to which a prospective subscriber already uses? Better to spend resources to implement your own and force someone to have yet another credential to worry about?

    Your insult was neither necessary nor very intelligent.

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    For the Old Reader, you got lucky, I had about 30 feeds, only 5-6 active daily, and I waited in queue about a week until they were parsed. Needless to say, I kept on searching.

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      Please take a look at the page that explains our queue system:

      People have been queueing for Mailbox app for weeks, and Mailbox is a proper company with funding and full time employees. Also, unlike Mailbox, The Old Reader is fully usable from the minute you sign in, the queue is just to get the bulk of your feeds into the system.

      Google announced end of life of their reader on March 14, and thousands of people started registering in The Old Reader and uploading their OPML files to get imported. Most likely, you missed the date everyone else started queueing by several days, and got queued behind tens of thousands of users. However, here you are with all your feeds imported in just a week. We find this impressive for a project run by three people in their spare time with no budget.

      We hope that you find The Old Reader useful.

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    Goh Mifune

    Feedspot is a good alternative.

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      Its settings could be much better. Having to open an article in a new tab is very inconvenient.

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    Useful information for me. Thanks for the list.


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