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    Hello hall
    If you want you can change your Plymouth.
    I’ve create two theme
    Hybryde-Flover an animated plymouth with metal flower
    Hybryde-Natural an animated summer plymouth


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    Tri Hakni Putra


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      Hi, did you get my email?

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    Yes, ebridd is a rather unusual OS – and very attractive. It is fitting, then, that, in my case, it shows a peculiar problem:
    The right side of the keyboard does not function, making it not installable. I have tried several methods, and used unetbootin with several OS´s, but using the right side of the keyboard results invariably in either the wrong letter or no letter at all.
    My machine: Asus HA1101 (with the infamous GMA500). I really would appreciate some clue.

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    hello all, and thank you for your comments

    Thank you Max for your English translation
    The 64 bit version is in progress.

    For people who want to test hybryde live DVD in English:
    First thing, to get the qwerty keyboard and english langage on live, at the count screen you must push “Enter” and select the line corresponding “en”.

    If you want to create your custum HYDV1:
    all themes are placed in the directory /home/.themes/HYDV1
    So copy/paste an existing theme and rename it ex: my theme
    Then open the right panel push wall paper, you can see your new theme. Have create a little tutorial in french but screenshoot in English : http://hybryde.cluster015.ovh.net/forum/viewtopic.php?style=3&f=73&t=1029
    It’s very easy for a CSS3 user.

    An exemple here: http://imageshack.us/a/img33/8150/slection032.th.png

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      I just wrote how to install the 32-bit package of HY-D-V1 desktop on Ubuntu 13.04 here.

      chrisripp, I have a few suggestions that I’ll email to you.

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        Ok with great pleasure

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    Hello all and thank you for testing Hybryde.
    First thing, to get the qwerty keyboard and english langage on live, at the count screen you must push “Enter” and select the line corresponding “en”.
    Then if you like the live DVD abd you want to install it:
    Applications-> Accessories-> Install Hybryde.

    For Css3 users, you can create your on theme simply:
    All themes are in /home/.themes/HYDV1, copy/paste an existing theme the rename it, for example “my theme”
    Then you can custum it like you want.
    I’ve create a little tutorial in franch but my screen shoot is in English.
    My HYDV1: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/33/slection032.png/

    Thank you Max for your English translation.

    Yes you can use the ppa for Ubuntu 12.04,12.10,13.10 in 32bit for this time but the 64 bit is in progress.

    For people who like E17 like me . If you want to install E17 svn with a script or with the ppa (hannes-janetzek)
    First in HYDV1 open synaptic and delete :Libembryo, and all enlightenment prog and lib.
    Then install the ppa repo of hannes-janetzek for E17 final, or this script for E18: carlasensa.perso.sfr.fr
    After you can switch into your new desktop E17 final or E18 like you want.

    Thank you all for testing Hybryde.

    Chrisripp administrator hybryde forum

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    Didn’t see a x64 version. Looks cool but that’s a deal breaker.

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    I tried it out.

    First I went with default install which turned out to be in french. OK. I then after much searching found and then attempted to change to english. This did not work as even though I changed the option it did not change the language.

    So I rebooted to see if there is an english boot option. There was indeed this option.

    When testing plugins in firefox on the apple trailer site it wanted to install other software. Played youtube videoes ok though.

    I found it to be stylish with a lot of software choice for doing the job – if thats what you want.

    I liked the idea of including all those desktop environments.

    I dont know if there is an install option and would be curious how big a partition it would need if it could be installed.

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      For me the default install was English, and I did not even think about it. Remember that this is a distro based on Ubuntu and as such, the installer is Ubuntu’s. I wonder how you managed to end up with a French installation.

      I dont know if there is an install option and would be curious how big a partition it would need if it could be installed.

      What “install option?”

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        @finid – “What install option” – yes, that was the point.

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      yes go to applications=====>accessories =====> install hybryd clic on it , and it’s to start.
      Anotherthing , the left panel is for the favorites app’s ex: applications ====> internet====> “google + ” clic on the “+” and google add and goes to the left panel

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    Here’s for you. Feel free to translate into common English 😉 Mine is far from good.

    -The Menu
    The menu uses a SQL Database optimized to ease navigation and to speed it execution. The little cross beside every application allows to add the app into the left dash. The menu can be edited using AppFilter in /usr/share/hybryde/hy-d-v1 or in the right dash.

    -The Left Dash
    This dash contains the user’s favorite applications. It appears on click on the left panel’s button. To remove an application, just right click on the application’s icon.

    -Right Dash
    The right dash shows the user’s repertories*, wallpapers and hy-d-v1’s themes. Eventually, it will have more functionalities like weather info’s, system info’s, music widget, etc.

    This bar shows the sound and the internet controller, plus every application able to be embedded in the systray. It also shows active windows.

    -Hybryde Button
    This button was planned for the Hybryde version of hy-d-v1. It content could be adapt to be use in other projects.

    -Theme Motor
    HY-D-V1 is build upon web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, javascript and jquery. Themes are found in the user repertory .themes/HYDV1/. Each theme may define “Application” and “Hybryde” windows size, the menu bar size… everything can be customize in size and color. Some themes will be directly downloadable from Hybryde web site.

    Although hy-d-v1 can work without composite manager, it is strongly not recommended since bugs appear and remove it charm. Metacity is used as composite manager, it is not necessary to install compiz or mutter.

    -Source Code
    HY-D-V1 is written in python respecting the PEP8 Style Guide. Every modules were compiled with Cython to work on Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.03. Sources codes or not on this version, but are freely available on our web site. The SQL database only stock HY-D-V1’s informations, never personal informations from the user. The HY-D-V1 project is under the GPL license.

    HY-D-V1 was based upon Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 13.04, we cannot ensure it will work under other versions of ubuntu. Updates will be available using the PPA.

    -HY-D-V1 without Hybryde
    HY-D-V1 can be install directly using our PPA under Ubuntu 12.03 and 13.04. The multidesktop functionality cannot be installed this way.
    A version working on Debian is currently under investigation.

    -Contribute to HY-D-V1
    Every contribution is welcome, do not hesitate to contact us and to benefit the community of your creations.

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      Nice! Thank you a bundle.

      1. 2.1.1


        Is the PPA for Ubuntu 12.04 already available? I sure would like to try it out.



          PPA package is available for 12.04 and 13.04, but only on the 32-bit installation. The 64-bit failed to boot. I have it installed on 13.04 and it’s much better than Unity.

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    This is definitely a very clean and awesome interface. it’s nice to see something totally different from the usual desktop configurations. With windows 8 being such a “?”, I’ll definitely look at this distro for my home computer.

    thanks for sharing; I’m looking forward to the review.


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