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    Roland Crump

    Haven’t been able to install Korora-19. I have gigs of space on a 1 Tb drive but the installation keeps showing only 2.5 Mb space???????

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    finid, I believe what Adam is trying to say is just because Korora has the same bugs as Fedora does not mean that the Korora Devs didn’t test it. I think the Korora Devs would agree that their distro is more of a respin of the Fedora base. Therefore testing was primarily done against the base.

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    Adam Williamson

    “Which means that the Korora developers did not conduct any testing of their own before making Bruce available for download.”

    Eh? Why would you assume that? Fedora is an open project; they could have ‘conducted testing of their own’ all the way through the pre-release phase.

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      Korora shares the same bugs with Fedora. Bugs that I’ve not experienced on the GNOME 3 edition of ROSA Desktop R1.


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