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    Thanks for this nice list of hacking distros and it’s Matriux btw (:

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    So, Finid, which is your favorite?

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      None. The choice depends on what you want to use it for.

      I’ll use Kali and Matrius for general hacking and pentesting. Not that they can’t be used for forensics, but most of the tools are for hacking and penetration testing. Of Matrius and Kali, the latter takes the top spot.

      DEFT, BackBox and CAINE are specifically designed for forensics. So, I’ll go with them if I have an investigative task to perform.

      Not listed in this article is wifislax, a distribution specifically designed for wireless hacking. I’ll publish a “review” of the latest edition in a day or two.

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    lois garcia

    Have been trying to get BackBox 3.05 to load up, and it just won’t. There is no install option in the boot menu, just a live option. I’ve tried a few different edits to the boot cmline, but nothing has worked yet. I’m disappointed and thinking of trying the other distros… I especially need the ability to inventory systems, as we have a case of “server creep”.

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      If you boot into the Live desktop, there is an Install BackBox Linux icon on the desktop. It’s an old version of the Ubuntu installer, so the process is all point-and-click.


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