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Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 201403 review

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Linux Mint Debian Cinnamon: Given that the Cinnamon Desktop Environment is developed by the same team responsible for this distribution, you can be sure that the Cinnamon desktop offers the latest version of the desktop environment. This screenshot shows the default desktop. I’ve written enough about that default wallpaper in past reviews, so I’m not even going to touch it this time.
Linux Mint Debian Cinnamon

Another screenshot of the desktop showing the panel calendar.
Linux Mint Debian Cinnamon desktop

And this one shows the menu.
Linux Mint Debian Cinnamon

Using the menu’s search feature. It might not be obvious in this screenshot, but I was searching for “firewall”. Unfortunately, there’s no graphical firewall manager installed.
Linux Mint Debian (LMDE) Cinnamon

but not just that, ufw, the firewall applications, is installed but not enabled.
Linux Mint Debian Cinnamon

Linux Mint Debian MATE; The MATE edition offers version 1.6 of the desktop environment, which until yesterday, was the latest version. (MATE 1.8 was released yesterday.)
Linux Mint Debian (LMDE) MATE

A screenshot of the desktop showing the panel calendar.
Linux Mint Debian (LMDE) MATE desktop

Another screenshot of the desktop showing the menu.
Linux Mint Debian (LMDE) MATE mintMenu

Just like with the Cinnamon menu, I was searching for a graphical firewall manager when I took this screenshot. There was none installed.
Linux Mint Debian MATE

And also just like on the Cinnamon desktop, ufw, the firewall applications, is installed but not enabled.
Linux Mint Debian MATE

To sum, the weakest aspect of Linux Mint Debian Edition 201403, as I noted at the beginning of this article, is the installer. Aside from support for UEFI firmware and GPT partitions, it has barely improved since its first release. And the more I think about Linux Mint Debian Edition as a desktop operating system, the less I see a need for its existence, especially given that Linux Mint is active and very popular and offers just about the same tools as Linux Mint Debian.

This is definitely not a distribution I’ll recommend to a new user. If that describes you and you are looking for a desktop Linux distribution that just works and has a good graphical installation program, try any edition of Linux Mint.

Resources: For the release announcement and download links, visit this link.

I am reading page: 1 2

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  1. wagner says:

    LMDE (DEBIAN). Sempre.

  2. Max says:

    The Dude who wrote this “article” is a complete dumbass. He has no idea about LMDE and its Pro’s. What a N00b!

    • finid says:

      That “dude” is me. What was it about the article that you disagreed with?

      • seriously says:

        I agree with author. Installer is a joke. And he gets the typical linux reply…

        “My cars gas gauge doesn’t work.” …

        “oh don’t be a pussy, all you have to do is google for an hour, take a guess at which one is the right solution, then crawl under the car and attach a hose from the axle to the exhaust, replace the screw in the transverse (if you have the 2010 model with A series) and then something else I forgot, just google it. Oh your engine doesn’t have the special lifters? then you need to pull out your power steering and change the o-rings first or it won’t start, unless you are a n00b.”

        • Nicu says:

          All that to support the author for not trying a right-click?

          It’s not as if the inexperienced users would manage to install LMDE (or another OS) without messing anything up considering you have to know what partitioning is, but if you know that stuff, chances are it will cross your mind to perform a right-click where it’s needed.

          The installer can clearly be improved but to complain about some as simple as that… it unnecessarily dumbs down a review.

  3. B K Singh says:

    LMDE 201403 is awsome. It just rocks and I’m an LMDE user for the past more than 3 years and I love LMDE. Minor issues may be there but then also it has improved a lot over years and getting better day by day.

  4. Oydenos says:

    «… And the more I think about Linux Mint Debian Edition … the less I see a need for its existence …»
    lmde is the only desktop operating system i know that really works as rolling release. Ubu upgrade to the next release only works when you don’t change anything in the meantime, so not usable. Didn’t try the standard Mint releases, but I doubt, as it is based on ubuntu. lmde rolling works here in the family now for 2 years without any upgrade problems.

    So, can you offer an other rolling release desktop operating system working without any problems for more than two years?

    • finid says:

      LMDE is not a true rolling-release distribution. From the project’s website, “Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a semi-rolling distribution based on Debian Testing.”

      Looking for a true rolling-release distribution? Try any desktop distribution based on Arch Linux. Antergos and Manjaro are good examples, though each has its pros and cons.

      I could also throw in Chakra in there, but it has more cons than pros.

      • Oydenos says:

        LMDE gives you twice a year ~1.2GiB of upgrade that really works without any problem over years. Security relevant stuff will be delivered when available.

        ANY archbased distro I tried up to now breaks at lest twice a year, delivering a brick.

    • Barnabyh says:

      Hmm, I’ll have to agree for the most part with finid on this one. If you want a truly rolling Debian distribution there’s nothing better than rolling with Unstable/Sid. LMDE is only half-way house and quite pointless in my view, but I understand that there are people who are more comfortable with a more managed process. If addressing that group one would think a friendlier installer would be a high priority.

      Why do Debian-based distributions insist on writing their own installers when the original has what they are lacking and is so easy and straight forward. Then again, I was happy with Debian’s old non-gui installer too. Together with the Anaconda installer and Slackware’s

  5. MD says:

    LMDE is an approachable Debian distribution with the polish of Mint and without many of the less desirable choices made by Ubuntu. Agree it is not ideal for new users.

  6. Nicu says:

    Too bad you had a rought time with the partitions, but all you had to do is right-click a partition to assign it to / or /home. I’m not finished yet with reading, so I’ll get back to it. :)

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