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    Adam West

    The install is odd, the configuration in half broken as you stated, and the whole experice is a bit odd.

    The packages are old and insecure, as well as not have a good variety of software. It seems kind of sad if you are a RedHat guy, and outright pathetic if you are from the Ubuntu or Debian camp.

    But the biggest thing for me was how much slower it was then Linux Mint or Mepis.

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      And this is a distro from a company, not a bunch of guys looking to just have their own operating system.

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    I tried it out it is not bad really. My biggest complaint was lack of apps. I wanted to install wine to play a couple of games and I can’t find it in the repo and I couldn’t find a compatible version that would work.

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    Thanks for informing that Linpus is alive and well. I recall it as the Linux system installed on first generation Acer netbooks. It was such a PITA for the consumers who bought it that Acer went pure Windows after that. From the screen shots, it still looks crude.

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      Actually it looks a lot better than previous editions and much better than many popular distribution. It’s just the outdated software packages that’s the biggest drawback.


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