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    Ubuntu now has the option to encrypt the whole disk or the home folder from the installation process on the live CD as of 12.10. If you have already setup and want some tools to encrypt partitions or other folders you can do so from gnome-disk-utility which is a handy GUI frontend for formatting disks, this allows you to encrypt partitions in ext4 during format. If you prefer folders then install encfs and cryptkeeper, or gnome-encfs-manager, which will allow you to encrypt hidden folders and mount them when decrypted. Encfs and cryptkeeper work very well with dropbox and Ubuntu one.

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    I have installed 12.04 on my laptop and marked the option to encrypt my home folder. After reading you post, the immediate question in my mind is: when I’m logged in using my computer, if somebody gains access to it via network and decide to download my files, are they going to be encrypted or decrypted?

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      Logging in decrypts your home folder, otherwise, you’d be required to authenticate before opening your files. So, yes, if you using the system, anybody with network access can read and write to the machine. For example, anyone with legal or illegal permission can ssh to your computer, while you are logged in, and do anything they want. Encryption does not stop that type of activity.

      Encryption prevents unauthorized access before the system boots. On a multi-user PC, encrypting your home folder prevents other users from accessing it while they are using the machine from their own account.

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    I have already setup my laptop with ubuntu 11.10.

    Can I now encrypt the whole hard disk , so the next time I reboot , it should ask me for a password ,akin to the screen shot you have above. ?

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      Afaik, you can’t You may, however, be able to encrypt new volumes or directories using encfs or other applications.

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    This article is extremely inaccurate and misinformed.

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      Ok, what parts of it are “extremely inaccurate and misinformed”?

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    Hi, if i already have a windows partition on my hard drive.
    How should i set up ubuntu on another partition with encryption so i can dualboot.

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      Try the following link:

      Or look thru Ubuntu’s category for other articles on dual-booting it and Windows:

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    10000000 de gracias por los artículos sobre ubuntu =)

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